The 2014 meeting was held in Orlando from May 1, 2014 through May 4, 2014.

The FNMT is a professional society, comprised of nuclear medicine technologists, health physicists, medical doctors, nuclear pharmacists, nuclear medicine students, and corporate sales representatives / vendors.
You are invited to attend the meeting to receive “live” CEUs. The meeting is always the first weekend in May and generally provides up to 24 credits for continued licensing. It begins on a Thursday afternoon with 4 credits available, Friday all day with 8 credits available, Saturday all day with 8 credits available and ending midday Sunday with 4 credits available. The meeting offers CEUs for the following licensed personnel:
-- Nuclear Technologists
-- Radiographers
-- CT Techs
-- Pharmacists (Nuclear and General)
-- Pharmacy Technicians (Nuclear and General)
The FNMT is continuing to grow. Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are now able to receive their credits at the FNMT meeting. This is an opportunity for those pharmacists who have to work during the regular state pharmacy meeting to receive the live credits required by the state to maintain licensure. This meeting is also being attended by techs from other states. First let us say, support your state. However, if their meeting is not one you can attend, you are always welcome to come to Florida. Just make sure the credits will be accepted by your state.
“Speakers Wanted!” Every year, during the first weekend of May, we need speakers to present a topic on subjects relating to the medical industry. Topics cover all aspects of the industry mostly pertaining to nuclear medicine. The presenters are individuals who work in both low energy and high energy pharmacies, nuclear medicine departments, billing offices, Department of Health, physicist and personnel who can provide ICANL/ACR assistance.
You may be one of those listed above. We are very thankful for your support and time given to the production of the FNMT. For those of you who would like to speak but have never spoken publicly, you are given an opportunity to provide a power point slide presentation and deliver your information at the meeting. At the 2013 meeting there were four individuals who gave it a try. They were all well received. We all know public speaking can challenge your nerves.
Please visit the web site www.FNMT.WS to stay updated on events. If you haven’t done so, please like us on Facebook and review other updated information on that site as well. The volunteers who help with the networking do a good job of keeping up with information.
You can volunteer to serve on the FNMT council as well. You probably have good ideas to enhance the production of the meeting. Everyone is welcome and invited to attend the planning meetings. There are three meeting -- one in the fall of the year, one in February and on Thursday at the start of the May meeting. Check the web site to confirm meeting dates and times.
Your FNMT President,
Chance Faircloth

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The 2013 winner for the Nuclear Medicine Technologist Kathy Kelleher Merit Award for significant contributions to the field of Nuclear Medicine goes to John Cieply. Congratulations to John! Start thinking about the next nomination in 2015.